Targeted with firebombs and bullets, and lambasted by Bill O’Reilly: Who was Dr George Tiller?


George Tiller was an abortion doctor from Wichita, Kansas.

He gained notoriety as the director of Women’s Health Care Services, one of only three clinics nationwide to provide late-term abortions – up to 27 weeks.

The physician – who died aged 67 – was frequently targeted with protest and violence by pro-life groups.

After his clinic was firebombed in 1986, he was shot in both arms by Shannon in 1993. 

He was then shot in the head 16 years later by Roeder, who stood outside his church in Wichita and waited on him.

Tiller was discussed in 28 episodes of Fox News in the years leading up to his death, bringing a wave of negative attention to his practice.

O’Reilly often called him ‘Tiller the baby killer’ for performing late-term abortions and said repeatedly that he had ‘blood on his hands’.

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