Who is the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox?


Geoffrey Cox (pictured in Downing Street on Tuesday) has emerged as a central political figure as Brexit talks reach their crucial stages 

In just a few short months Geoffrey Cox QC has been transformed from a little known politician to a senior Cabinet minister who has emerged as a key player in Brexit talks.

He was plucked from the backbenches and made Attorney General in July after the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis triggered a reshuffle.

The post places him at the centre of the crunch talks, tasked with giving legal advice to ministers as they rule on the biggest political decision any of them will ever take.

But it was his theatrical speech as Theresa May’s warm up act at the Tory party conference last month that turned him into a political star.

He was compared to great Shakespearean actors like Ian McKellan as he enraptured his audience by quoting John Milton and extolling the virtues of Brexit.

Mr Cox, 58, a father-of-three who lives in West Devon with his wife Jeanie, has honed his theatrical performances over many years as a barrister in England’s courts.

His glittering legal career saw him become Britain’s best paid MP after he raked in £820,000 in a single year in 2014 from his legal earnings.

Two years later he had to apologise to the Commons authorities for forgetting to declare £400,000 in earnings.

He had, however, remembered to submit expenses claims for a 49p bottle of milk and £2 worth of tea bags.

A formidable lawyer, people across the political divide welcomed his appointment as Attorney General as putting a real heavyweight in the post.

And he is known to be generous with his time. According to a ConHome profile, as a senior barrister he would take his pupils to the five star Savoy for tea, where they talk about the day and tuck into the array of cakes.

And more recently, he is said to have  done the same for MPs who want to explore the intricacies of Brexit.

Asked once what his proudest achievement is, Mr Cox is said to have replied: ‘Thirty-five years of marriage – well it’s really my wife’s achievement, not mine.’


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